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This is the personal wiki of me, Tanner Swett. Please feel free to edit anything on here as you see fit.


I am an undergraduate studying mathematics, computer science, and statistics at Grand Valley State University. I am also a wannabe composer, and I've written a few short little thingies. I use a Yamaha DGX-230 keyboard (which is, as far as I can tell, exactly the same as the YPG-235, except for the color). It's pretty neat. I'm trying to get better at drawing, too; I recently acquired a copy of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I've written some pieces of fiction, too.

I believe that the Singularity is both the most important danger and the most important opportunity that mankind faces in the next few decades. Please visit the Machine Intelligence Research Institute to read more.

My web sites

I have a couple of little web sites of various sorts. Here are some of them:


I've got a Twitter page, @tannerswett, and you can email me at ude.usvg.liam|tttews#ude.usvg.liam|tttews.

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